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  • Version 0.10 alpha of Doc is complete.

What is Doc?

  • Doc is an electron app that makes it easy to organise information using markdown files.

News & Articles

Flutter, The Upcoming Framework

Flutter is an upcoming framework by Google that is poised to replace Quasar and Electron for cross platform development.

The harsh reality for all the popular Web frameworks such as React, Angular and Vue is they will all be replaced with Flutter. It does not make any sense for a business who wants to build an app with one source code base to not use Flutter because it means I can build native iOS, Android, Web and in Alpha now MacOS apps too. Flutter is the future and everything else will slowly die a way.

Dev Matters


  • Framework: Vue + PHP
  • UI: Inkline (Recommended) / Vuesax / Tailwind (Utility)

Why Inkline?

  • Inkline is light-weight and un-opionated and offers Vue compatible components.


  • Framework: Vue + Electron
  • UI: Quasar (Recommended) / Vuetify / Element UI / Xel Toolkit

Why Quasar?

  • Quasar offers great documentation and a wide selection of highly customisable components that meet most needs for a desktop application including transitions, routing, axios, context menus and advanced layouts.


  • Framework: Vue + Cordova
  • UI: Framework7 (Recommended) / Vant / Ionic

Why Framework7?

  • Framework7 offers mobile-only components with a balanced style and offers good documentation and is compatible with Vue and Cordova.

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