Why the agency model for web development is no longer relevant

Written by Kevin, 18 May 2017

Given the proliferation of SaaS tools and the tighter coupling between software and business processes today, the idea of outsourcing web development work to external agencies is no longer ideal.

A website these days incorporate various features ranging from booking management to catalogue management. By outsourcing to an agency, the responsibility of the website maintenance is blurred. Should it be the agency that maintains the integrity of the data or the owner? This often leads to misunderstanding and confusion.

Instead, businesses can start training in-house IT expertise to do the development work and maintenance. Such IT staff also assist in maintaining vendor relationships with SaaS providers. This is the way to go today. Not only does the business benefit from having IT support, it also benefits from IT staff who have a deeper understanding of the business processes within the organisation - something which cannot be outsourced.

Another reason is that most Web Developers do not want to find themselves hopping from client to client or project to project. In the agency model, web developers typically undertake two to three projects concurrently. The fact is that every business is unique and have different requirements. And the end result of this way of doing things are exhausted developers due to the mental burdens of context switching.

This is one of the many reasons why at WebConxept, we have made a move from external agency development works towards talent matching for in-house web projects. Our role in the eco-system of web development is to serve as consultants providing mentorship and stewardship in this rapidly changing field. We offer advise to both businesses and web developers who work with us.

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